True Influence: Real Results!
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Do your influencer campaigns deliver disappointing results?

You may be focusing on the wrong influencers, says Danny Brown, co-author of "Influence Marketing." To get real results, forget about Klout scores and follower counts. Instead, read your customers and discover who they really pay attention to.

Danny will show you how it's done in his True Influence webinar. Learn how to:
  • Follow your customers to identify your brand's true influencers.
  • Tailor your influencer campaigns to your customers' buying cycle.
  • Reap the rewards of true influence marketing!
About the Speaker:
Danny Brown is chief technologist at ArCompany, a business intelligence consultancy helping organizations adapt to the changing communications landscape. He is co-author of the book, "Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing."