Nice Brands Finish First!
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The most effective social media marketing is free. Do small things that delight your customers, and you'll create an army of enthusiastic online marketers, says HARO founder Peter Shankman.

Register today to make customers happier, get them talking and turn them into evangelists for your brand. What's not to love? You'll learn:

  • Easy ways to make customers and prospects feel special
  • Real-life examples from brands like Zappos, Pepsi and Amex
  • Five things you can do right now to be nice and finish first!
About the Speaker:
Peter Shankman is a speaker, entrepreneur, author and founder of HARO, a free publicity service. He has written and published three books, including his April release Nice Companies Finish First. Peter has also spoken internationally on a range of topics from social media to marketing and PR to customer service.